As we have mentioned before, Swipe to Unlock isn’t a interview question & answers book nor does it go into things like resumes, cover letters, networking, etc. However, here are links to some of our favorite resources that do go into these sort of things.

General Tech Career Guidance

For everything from job descriptions of different nontechnical positions at tech companies to resume advice and everything in between, I highly recommend checking out my good friend Jeremy Schifeling’s website. It is filled with tons of great slide decks that I think everyone should read.

Product Management

If you are looking to learn more about what Product Management is all about and get high level overview of what PM interviews are like and how to prepare, check out Cracking the PM Interview

I'd recommend starting with Cracking the PM Interview if you are interested in learning more about product management in general and are just beginning to explore the space. If after reading that you are sold on being a PM, definitely pick up a copy of Decode and Conquer. The example interview questions and answers are very helpful.

Lastly, the is run by Davis Treybig, a Google Product Manager who got product management offers from both Google (APM) and Facebook (RPM) straight out of college. This website has a ton of helpful information and resources for anyone looking to become a product manager straight out of college.


Highly recommend Rise Above the Noise for all marketing interviews (and business development/strategy roles as well, but to a lesser extent).


This book is meant for aspiring consultants, but I have found it tremendously useful for all my tech interviews as most tech interviews are actually case based. Case in Point does a great job helping you think using organized frameworks that help you come up with well-structured responses—something all interviewers are looking for, regardless of industry. If you don’t have a business education, I would doubly recommend this book as it goes over a lot of the fundamentals that are essential for all business side tech roles.

Job Opportunities

If you are ready to start looking for ways to kick your career in tech into gear, or if you are simply looking for a different career opportunity, here are some listed job openings.
If you are looking for a full-time position, take a look at our full-time job listings.
If you are a student or someone looking for internship opportunities, take a look at our internship listings.

Once you've secured an interview, make sure you take a look at our interview tips for help on acing the interview!