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Welcome Back Samsung – The Galaxy S8/S8+

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It’s been a couple months since I’ve written about the ever-changing phone world. My last article was about the LG G6 being released in April and everyone was wondering when Samsung was planning to announce their latest. Well now the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are available and I was able to pick up the S8+ model myself.

I have to say that I am entirely satisfied with my selection of the Galaxy S8+. Even after receiving the LG V20, the Galaxy S8+ seems miles ahead in terms of speed, screen quality, screen-to-body ratio, and battery life. Also, it’s nice to just have water resistance now being that it is my first phone to have that feature. Am I going to go swimming or shower with it? No. But it’s a nice thing to have. Apps install way faster when even compared to the LG V20. Like tremendously noticeably faster.

I was able to achieve 6 hours and 25 minutes screen on time before I set it on the charger. This accounted for two days worth of usage and screen resolution set at 720p. Honestly, the display is so good that I can’t even tell much of a difference between 720p, 1080p, and 2K resolutions. This battery life is better than any other phone I’ve owned before (iPhone 4S, HTC One M8, Nexus 6P, and LG V20).


Overall, Samsung has been able to achieve redeeming itself for the time being after the Note 7 and has done even better than last year’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in my personal opinion. I have no issues with the fingerprint sensor being where it is and with a case I’m able to find it very easily. The iris scanner works really quickly as well. I haven’t experienced a red coloring on my panel either. So far, this is the phone to beat in 2017 for sure. Everything else is starting to feel extremely dated in terms of design.

Matthew Whitaker
Founder and owner of Swipe to Unlock News. Matthew's current daily driver is the frost colored 64GB Nexus 6p.