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Verizon to Carry the New Nexus Phones

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Evan Blass is at it again with his leaks. This time it seems that Verizon has been rumored to be carrying the two Nexus handsets. He also stated “note the quotation marks”. This might mean┬áthat the Verizon is going to be selling directly through them this time and possibly the bootloader would be locked.

verizon nexus

The Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Galaxy Nexus, and Nexus 6 all work on Verizon’s network. The 6 sold through Verizon while the 6P and 5X were not. Hopefully there won’t be any bloatware on them like other Android devices. It would be a shame to take away the freedom and cleanliness of the Nexus name.

I currently use the Nexus 6P on Verizon and it was a clear and easy transfer from my carrier-locked HTC One M8. All I had to do was pop the SIM card out of the M8 and simply put it in the 6P. Then BOOM it worked! The naming scheme on Verizon’s site is a little weird after logging into your personal billing account. You won’t see Nexus 6P listed, but Huawei with a number after it and no picture. By selling directly through Verizon, there won’t be any issues with the devices not being in their system and any others issues that you may come across using it on their network. I have had zero issues with the 6P working on Verizon and I hope the same will be true with this year’s models. Let’s hope that Verizon also doesn’t put their giant logo on it!

Matthew Whitaker
Founder and owner of Swipe to Unlock News. Matthew's current daily driver is the frost colored 64GB Nexus 6p.