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Samsung Galaxy S8 Selfie Rumor

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 is looking to be the phone to beat in 2017. The latest in leaks about the phone looks to be new hardware that will be put into the camera, specifically the front-facing camera. The actuator-drive autofocus techniques that are used to improve speeds and accuracy of the back cameras will now come to the front-facing selfie camera. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 camera is considered one of the best smartphone cameras and continues to be throughout 2016 even as new ones come out. Only the Google Pixel seems to be its competitor.

When consumers look to buying a new smartphone, many look for the best camera that they can get. Smartphone cameras have become really great recently and continue to improve. Even though some front-facing cameras have auto-focus, the feature is still pretty rare. The auto-focus actuator goes in the camera module to control the lens’ location and adjust lens focus automatically.

Speaking of new camera rumors, Samsung is also looking to include a dual-lens back camera. The dual camera setup is able to improve picture quality.

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