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Note 7 to Get Nougat in Two to Three Months

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Earlier today, it was confirmed that Samsung is releasing a 128GB storage/6GB RAM version of the Note 7 specifically for the Chinese Market. Now Samsung has said it will offer OS updates for Android 7.0 Nougat in two to three months after feedback has been gathered from users.

Samsung feels that it is more crucial to build a stable and seamless platform versus trying to be the first to get Nougat. They are planning to beta test the new OS before any OS updates are released.

This is understandable. They want to make sure that when Android gets upgraded to the latest OS, Nougat, that it will run smoothly unlike other rushed jobs. They don’t want to release a rushed and unstable product just to say they’re the first. But two to three months isn’t a long time to wait. HTC usually promises the latest OS on their devices within 90 days and are able to do so. Touchwiz is a heavy skin that requires optimization. We’ve all seen what happens when Touchwiz doesn’t play nice.

Source: Korea Times

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