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Note 7 Power Saving Mode Lets You Scale Down Screen Resolution

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SAMMOBILE has released news that the new Power Saving Mode for the Note 7 allows users to change the resolution of the display so that it can preserve battery life. This is a great new feature for Samsung phones in the future as well. Samsung claims that it can generate around 35 hours more juice from a full charge. In order to reach these high number hours, you’ll have to limit the maximum screen brightness, restrict device performance, and prevent background network usage.

Power Saving Mode now has three tiers: off, mid, and max (as seen in the main image above).


The system is not using the amount of power usually used to carry out standard tasks.


The screen resolution will drop from 2K to 1080p. Performance will also be lowered. This means that multitasking and other intensive tasks will not work like they usually do.


This will scale the resolution to 720p, will shut off network usages, and also disables animations. CPU speed will be reduced to a minimum.



Not only are there the three tiers, but users have the chance to create their own presets within them. If you were to choose Max Power Saving Mode but also don’t want to lose background network usage, you can choose to still keep it enabled. You won’t achieve the same results, but you’ll get the features you still want or need. By selecting 720p display resolution, you’ll lower the CPU speed by about 50%.


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