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Note 7 Display Gets Record High Max Brightness

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DisplayMate has once again reported that Samsung’s latest phone has the best display ever. But the Note 7 has set a record and passes a brightness of more than 1,000 nits.

Samsung’s displays get the brightest when they’re left in automatic mode. The Galaxy S7 has a peak brightness of 855 nits and that was the best brightness before the Note 7 just broke that. In the same conditions, the Note 7 reaches 1,048 nits. The contrast rating in these situations is much higher too with 124 to 228 vs 119 to 186. What’s even more exciting is that the Note 7’s display has 4.6% reflectance too and this is the lowest that’s been seen yet!

When the Note 7 is not set to automatic brightness and the brightness is brought all the way up, it can reach 639 nits. The Galaxy S7 can only reach 440 nits in this same setting. The Note 7 has sensors for light on the back and the front while most will just have one on the front.

Matthew Whitaker
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