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Note 7 Actually Didn’t Explode in NY Child’s Hands

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Originally, the NY Post published the story that a 6-year-old child was using a Note 7 when it exploded in his hands. He was rushed to the hospital. It turns out that the phone wasn’t a Note 7, but was actually a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, released in 2014. This phone was not known to have a history of battery problems. This still doesn’t look good for Samsung being that it is another device, but there is a question that needs to be answered. The Galaxy Core Prime has a removable battery, so was this an original battery or was it a third party battery instead? The reasons for the explosion are still under investigation. There has been no confirmation that it was using an original Samsung-provided battery. The incident is still unfortunate for the child but we do know now that there is no issue with the Note 7 in this situation. You should still turn off your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices and turn them in for the recall. Please do so to avoid any possible dangerous occurrences.

Matthew Whitaker
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