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LG V20 Users are Claiming that the Camera Glass Breaks Easily

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I’ve had the LG V20 for a month now and have been loving it! But in the news it seems that the same worries that I had with my Nexus 6P when I first got it are showing up with the LG V20. But with both phones I have never ever had this issue. LG adopted a sapphire camera cover for the V20. Now mine hasn’t cracked or been broken, but once it had slid off while it was sitting on my leg and it went under the couch. When I picked it up there were two little marks where maybe sand or something had scratched it. They’re barely noticeable but are there. It has been known during durability videos to scratch easily. I do not have a case covering the device, so users that have a case should have no problems with it scratching or breaking.

YouTube and Reddit users are spreading awareness that the LG V20’s camera cover is fragile glass. A Reddit user shared a photo with the camera cover cracked after he left the LED flash on for a long time. Someone else claims that the camera cover broke within the first five hours of having it.

My recommendation is to handle your devices with care. Those prone to dropping their phones should definitely have a case on it to protect it. The phone has been great for me!

Matthew Whitaker
Founder and owner of Swipe to Unlock News. Matthew's current daily driver is the frost colored 64GB Nexus 6p.