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LG G6 to Release in April and No Replaceable Battery

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Can LG redeem itself after last year’s LG G5? It’s entirely possible after the launch of the LG V20 late last year. The V20 has really been a fantastic device so far and changed my feelings of what LG’s devices can be. Of course, it doesn’t come without its faults. For example, the screen isn’t amazing like an AMOLED display, the camera is great but not the best, and the battery is great but not the best either. But when did having to be the best at everything have to be the only way? The V20 has a great camera, nice build quality, amazing sound recording and sound when listening to music with its DAC, and runs really smoothly for me.

The G6 does seem to be taking a step towards water and dust resistance. But this means that they’re going to let go what most OEMs have let go of in their flagships, a replaceable battery. Is that an acceptable trade? In my case, sure. In some people’s no. But it really doesn’t bother me except when the device gets older and can’t last as long with a built-in battery. There have been a few leaks as far as how it will look and it looks like 2017 is going to be the year of the bezel-less displays which could be very cool, although maybe tough when handling one-handed.

Evan Blass has tweeted about his usual leaks and we now have seen a box and a possible U.S. release date.¬†Hopefully this won’t be too late and close to Samsung’s Galaxy S8 at the end of the month. LG is trying to get theirs out with the Snapdragon 821 before Samsung can sweep people away with the S8 and the Snapdragon 835. I’m looking forward to the G6 as well as the S8. It will be interesting to see how much LG has improved the G6 over the G5, as well as the V20.

Matthew Whitaker
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