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Is the Note 7 the Premium Flagship it Used to Be?

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a beautiful device that is truly a beast of a smartphone. The design is so slick, it has a powerful processor, has lots of RAM, an amazing edge display, a top-notch camera, and features that other phones wished they had. I’m talking about the rounded edges of the display to the water resistance to the wireless and fast charging to the iris scanner.

A lot of phones have fast charging, but not many can say that they have wireless fast charging. Water resistance is a feature that every manufacturer needs to add to their flagship devices. Now I’m not going to go swimming with a water resistant phone, some people do, but I just like the piece of mind knowing that if my phone gets wet that it’s not going to mess it up or become water damaged. Once I went from the HTC One M8 to the Nexus 6P, I never wanted anything that didn’t have a fingerprint sensor to unlock and protect my phone and apps. Now if I were to have an iris scanner, I may not want to leave that luxury either. It makes things convenient and an overall cleaner experience.

My concern with the Note line since last year has been what makes this so much different from the S line of devices now? Slap a pen and an extra feature or two to separate it from the S line that came out earlier in the year already? I remember the Note line being the premium and enthusiast flagship device made by Samsung. The S line was for the mainstream but the Note was made to be the powerhouse. At least it used to be.

What defines a flagship device? I would have to say a top-of-the-line processor, a high-end camera, lots of RAM, the best a display that can be produced at the time, a great battery, and software that is updated on a regular basis. But what the Note line used to be in comparison to the other flagships was something even more special. It was the phablet with the pen that had even higher and better specs than the others earlier on in the year. It was able to show off and be something unique. Now what defines a premium flagship? The separation point has gotten a lot blurrier nowadays. There are now cheap and affordable flagships that share the same Snapdragon processor as the Note 7 in the US. It even has less RAM than the OnePlus 3 (6Gb).

Some may be disappointed that Samsung has removed the idea of the premium flagship. Don’t me wrong, the Note 7 is almost as perfect as the S7 Edge is. But it just makes me wonder why the Note line isn’t the powerhouse it used to be over everything else.

Matthew Whitaker
Founder and owner of Swipe to Unlock News. Matthew's current daily driver is the frost colored 64GB Nexus 6p.