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I think it’s perfectly fine that the Note 8 is coming

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Aside from what happened to the Note 7 and what makes it go kaboom, I would have called the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 the phone of the year. I already loved the S7 Edge and the Note 7 was a bigger and better S7 Edge with a stylus. It had a perfected, beautiful, curved screen, an iris scanner, a secure folder, and USB-C. I wanted it so bad after trying it out in the store.

According to Android Police, it looks like Samsung is going to keep the Note brand and be releasing the Note 8. I have zero problem with this and I think it’s great.┬áPeople specifically love their Notes year after year. They’re going to continue buying them. People aren’t going to forget about what happened with the Note 7 just yet, but the Note line should still live on. You don’t just kill off a line of phones because of one mishap. Now, it was a large mishap but still, the Note is special.

One of Samsung’s partners is saying that it’s going to have a 4K screen for improved VR experiences, better stylus support, enhanced security with iris scanning, and the new AI assistant (Bixby) that is probably going to come with the S8 in a few months. Also, rumors are saying the Snapdragon 835 processor with up to 8GB RAM. This sounds very powerful and quite the beast! What Samsung should do is take their time and not rush it to the market. Make sure everything goes smoothly BEFORE releasing millions of them into the world. Also, the issue with the Note 7 is said to be an “electronic hardware design problem” and not a battery flaw. We’ll find out more about that close to the end of the month when Samsung releases the results.


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