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Facebook’s Lifestage App Now Takes a Shot at Snapchat

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Facebook’s answer to Snapchat is the standalone iOS app called Lifestage which is directed toward people 21 and under. It will ask you for your happy and sad faces, likes and dislikes, best friend, etc. The way to fill out your biography is to shoot your own videos. The app turns the video clips into a video profile so that others will be able to watch it.


Anyone 22 and older will only be able to see their own profile. It’s mainly targeted toward high school ages so that they can learn more about their classmates. No Facebook account is required to sign up. You select your high school and see video profiles from people at your school or nearby schools. Lifestage will only show people once 20 people from a school are using it.


Users can’t contact other people directly. Instead, they have a “Reach Me” section that shows Snapchat, Instagram handle, or other pieces of contact information. The only worry that Lifestage has is that Facebook doesn’t have a great track record with standalone apps. It also has a somewhat limited audience sticking to high-schoolers.

Matthew Whitaker
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