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Apple May Finally Add Wireless Charging to the next iPhone

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Apple might finally join the club with wireless charging in 2017 with the iPhone 8. Of course, they wouldn’t be the first to have wireless charging but if they add it wireless charging may become a new standard for all smartphones. I’m still hoping that removing the headphone jack doesn’t become a new standard for flagship devices. I still enjoy using wired headphones versus bluetooth for a couple reasons.

Foxconn builds the iPhone every year and they are reportedly testing wireless charging modules that might be included in next year’s iPhone 8, according to Nikkei Asian Review. If the modules have poor yield rates, Apple could decide not to implement wireless charging. iPhones were expected to already be using sapphire glass for their displays, but poor yield rates forced them to ditch that idea.

Samsung flagships have been using wireless charging for a couple years now and even the Nexus 7 tablet had this feature. It’s a useful and convenient way to charge your devices without having to plug a cord into it every time. Of course, there will be many rumors about the iPhone 8 so don’t expect every one of them to be true. The iPhone 7 kind of left a “meh” ambiance as far as innovation because it was very much just the same with a few little changes.

Matthew Whitaker
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